Our partners

We are extremely grateful for the support of all of our partners. They all play a vital role in bringing our unique vegan river cruises to life.

Supporting us provides businesses with both rewarding and exciting opportunities. Our partners show great awareness about the need to create a more vegan world.

This passion spreads to their customers and friends and means we can get our voice out to wider audiences. Ultimately they have one objective in common - to help us in our vision to make the world happier, more green and more vegan.

Among our current partners are:

Read in more than 30 countries, The Positive Animal focuses on stories, news and practical information from around the world to encourage animal rights and plant-based nutrition. Guided by the principles of positive advocacy and of transformative journalism, they feature efforts and actors from all walks of life in the movement for a kinder planet. To learn more, visit https://thepositiveanimal.com


Germany's largest and best vegan online shop.
More details on their

URL: www.veggie-shop24.com

Untervegs - on Europe's most beautiful rivers, and more

With their catering service UNTERVEGS, Kristina and Gerrit Mohr face off with the common misconception that vegans and vegetarians can subsist on salad and the occasional slice of tofu. Their business, based in Krefeld, Germany, has been providing numerous weddings, conventions, festivals, and birthday celebrations with extraordinary, cruelty-free dishes for several years now. Their ideas and culinary creations are unburdened by limitations; their meatless kitchen offers a staggering display of delicacies and leaves no wish unfulfilled.  

The team of Untervegs, led by executive chef Kristina Mohr, celebrates the success of the first Vegan River Cruise in August 2014 and their creative collaboration with vegan head chef Björn Moschinski. And preparations for our cruises in 2015 and 2016 are already underway. 



Kreuzfahrthammer + Vegan Travel: organizers of vegan river cruises

This Münster (Westphalia)-based firm regularly buys up allotments from national and international tour operators, and so they can offer trips on many ships and routes at substantial discounts. 
The focus of the company, however, is on providing upscale theme cruises, for which they charter river cruise ships as well as seagoing vessels. More information is coming soon to themenkreuzfahrten.net. 

Kreuzfahrthammer is pleased to be the first to present vegan river cruises - together with Untervegs, Cooking - No Bones [Kochen ohne Knochen] and Björn Moschinski. Together we look forward to more exciting cruises in 2015 and the years to come.


Kochen ohne Knochen [“Cooking - No Bones”] – more than just a media partner

Since the end of 2009, “Kochen ohne Knochen” has been in existence, the vegan magazine for people who see a vegetarian or vegan diet as the central part of their lifestyle. Anyone who values healthy (organic) food, defines their quality of life through good nutrition, cares about animal rights, favors fair working conditions, and finds conventional cooking and diet magazines too outmoded, is right on target with Kochen ohne Knochen. The authors of KoK write for young people and older adults who are open to unconventional ideas, eat a vegetarian or vegan diet or are sympathetic to it, and themselves like to cook; for them, enjoyment and ethical commitment happily coexist.

For the editorial team, consisting of Joachim Hiller, Uschi Herzer, and Daniele Große, political and ecological commitment is closely related to one’s diet, and good food is as important to them as good music. 

Kochen ohne Knochen offers you three months in 56 pages - an exciting mixture of interviews with, and reports from, vegans; as well as information about food, cooking, dining, and nutrition, together with reviews of cookbooks and restaurants, and of course many tempting vegan recipes. 

Kochen ohne Knochen is available in major bookstores (if out of stock, have them order it!) and directly from the publisher, postage-free. Single issues cost €3.90, and a four-issue subscription is €15. 



Fine vegan and organic wines - made in Germany.



Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Art & Design – Vegan Good Life is a high end vegan lifestyle magazine and caters to the openminded opinion leaders of a movement set in the framework of responsible consumerism. The magazine focusses on the ethically beautiful things in life, aiming to inspire awareness, thoughtfulness and a life packed with all things nice and shiny. Vegan Good Life is printed matter that matters – proof that cherishing fair and sustainable options does not equal abstinence. Classy design, a great feel and interesting stories of international relevance… welcome to the Vegan Good Life.

URL: vegan-good-life.com 



Björn Moschinski, Vegan Head Chef

URL: www.bjoernmoschinski.de
Facebook: facebook.com/bjoern.moschinski


We actively seek partners who wish to cooperate with us. Contact us.


March 27, 2018 - 11 nights
from Budapest to the Black Sea

Budapest roundtrip
May 19, 2018 - 7 nights
Giulianova, Abruzzo

August 4, 2018 - 7 nights
from Avignon to St. Jean de Losne

Sensations of Southern France