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Why vegan river cruises?


We’ve often found that catering for vegans while on vacation can be a haphazard affair, therefore we ensure that our cruises have some of the best vegan chefs on board for a total eating pleasure. What's the most fun way to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and live your values? Travel vegan! That's why we founded Vegan Travel, the company behind vegan river cruises.
All our tours are full ship charter cruises. The big upside is the exclusivity: When we take over a ship, that whole ship is then all about us and our vegan river cruises, and we can even discuss our own itinerary.

The Travelling Vegan

Travelling as a vegan has many challenges, especially if yo are travelling overseas. Being unfamiliar with the language and not knowing your way around can make travel stressful, and if you haven’t eaten a good meal it makes everything worse. Feeling as though you have to compromise your ethics or starve makes many vegans not want to travel. But you don’t have miss out on fun trips and adventure. Vegan River Cruises offers trips through Europe with gourmet vegan cuisine. You can relax and site see without worrying about what to eat, as everything is 100% vegan; from the toiletries in the cabin to all of the food and wine.


With vegan river cruises you don’t have to call ahead and make special dietary requests or worry that your food is not 100% vegan. We serve a vegan buffet breakfast every morning, lunches include regional specialties and dinner is a gourmet 4/5 course vegan extravaganza. You will be on the tour with like minded people from all over the planet who care about their diet, the ethical treatment of animals and the environment.

We have great ships and fun filled itineraries that include some of the greatest sites in Europe. We are booking trips for 2016 now. Our voyage in April will tour the romantic Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam. Our summer trip in June 2015 won't be a cruise, but a tour to Thailand. And in October we will finally discover France. Travel with us; indulge yourself in viewing Europe, as a well-fed and happy adventurous vegan.

Ride the vegan wave – Vegan River Cruises on Europe’s most beautiful rivers.

It’s been called a passing fad, a newfangled trend. At least that’s the widespread opinion of society when we bring up veganism. But for most vegans their lifestyle is much more than a trend. On the contrary, few vegans see themselves as followers of a movement; instead, they have made the decision, for ethical or other reasons, to distance themselves from animal products. And in fact, vegan alternatives are becoming more and more prevalent. It appears that a change of thinking has taken place in society, as vegan restaurants, internet communities, and hotels have multiplied. And so, people following a vegan lifestyle no longer have to feel deprived of anything. But since we’re still talking about a minority of people, it’s often easier said than done. 

Vegan – on vacation too? 

While it’s possible for many to do without animal products at home, while on vacation it turns out to be much more difficult. In most hotels and spas, you may get an irritated look when you say that you don’t consume or use animal products. First and foremost, this of course happens with food. If a person who eats a vegan diet wishes to travel, they most often encounter a problem the very first evening. The restaurant does not make vegan dishes, and purely vegan restaurants are primarily found only in large cities. The menus are usually limited in their offerings, and you may meet with a lack of understanding and knowledge on the part of the server; usually they know of no alternatives – even though there are plenty.


Cosmetics without animal-based ingredients

You meet with further problems when looking for cosmetics. If you want to get a massage or treat yourself to a therapeutic skin peel, in most hotel spas you presumably will meet with puzzled stares. Mink oil in hairspray? Animal fats in scented oils? The facial mask was tested on animals? The employees are not incompetent - it’s just that the personal care industry makes it very difficult for them. More and more companies nowadays are removing the word “animal” from their lists of ingredients. This is happening for the simple reason that they don’t want to scare off customers. 


Vegan Cruises

If you seek relaxation without constantly having to worry about the moral culpability of the products you use, you’ve come to the right place. You see, we have decided to offer a very special kind of vacation to people who want to live and travel in harmony with animals and nature – vegan river cruises. Let yourself be pampered - come on board our beautiful ships and enjoy a purely vegan vacation. Here you don’t have to go without anything, as we offer you a 100% vegan wellness program and wonderful delicacies. Forget your everyday cares with a massage using plant-based therapeutic oils, and let yourself be enchanted by the culinary magic of the professional chefs of Untervegs and other world-class vegan chefs. Discover your very own favorite corners of Europe. 

Vegan cruises mean: revitalizing all your senses and being in harmony with yourself and the world around you. 


March 27, 2018 - 11 nights
from Budapest to the Black Sea

Budapest roundtrip
May 19, 2018 - 7 nights
Giulianova, Abruzzo

August 4, 2018 - 7 nights
from Avignon to St. Jean de Losne

Sensations of Southern France